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Kernow A.S.
Patronage for Kernow AS Show & Judge's for 2016

Patronage                                                     Award

                                        In Red to Confirm


Budgerigar Society                                              Bronze Championship Patronage
Association of Specialist Budgerigar Societies        Open Patronage

Lutino & Albino Breeders Society                          Bronze Patronage
Western Counties Budgerigar & F.B.S.                   Budgerigar & Foreign Patronage

Cornwall Budgerigar Society                                 Rosette Patronage
National Bengalese Fanciers Association                Support Patronage

 South West Bengalese Finch Club                         Club Patronage

The Zebra Finch Society                                       Gold Patronage
South Western & Southern Counties Zebra Finch Club Full Patronage

Cornwall & Devon Fife Fancy Cancy Club
Foreign Bird League                                              Affiliation Patronage
South West British Bird Club & Mule Club                Rosette Patronage
Cornish New Colour Canary Club                            Rosette
Cornish Norwich Plainhead Club                             Rosette Patronage
Cornish Border Canary Club                                
  Rosette Patronage
British Bird Council                                               Rosette Patronage
Cornish & South West Gloster Club                        (open)
Cornish & South West Gloster Club                        Full Patronage

Australian Finch Society                                        Rosette Patronage
Hayle C.B.S.                                                         Exchange

Canary Colour Breeders Associaton                        Full Patronage
Cage & Aviry   

Interntioal Gloster Breeders Association                  Rosette Patronage

Plymouth Budgerigar & F.B.S. (budgerigars only)     Exchange  

Camborne Show                                                    Exchange
Stithans Agricultural Association                             (Open)




                                     Judge's for 2018
Budgerigers                                                      Mr.M.Gully - Cornwall
Zebra Finches, Bengalese & Foreign                    Mr.P.Cannan - Devon
Border & Fife                                                    Mr.M.Curnow - Cornwall
Colour Canary                                                   Mr.D.Lamcraft - Cornwall
Gloster                                                             MR.D.Hunt - Devon
Norwich, British, Yorkshire, Lizard & AOV             Mr.T.Field - Cornwall

Many thanks to the above Judges for their company and their time.

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